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Solar Panel
Loom Solar is the 1st solar company in India that introduced mono-crstalline solar panels for home and businesses.
Lithium Battery
Loom Solar is the 1st company in India that introduced lithium battery which can replace the regular generators in future.
Hybrid Inverter
Hybrid inverter is the futuristic device which can solve the problem of power cuts and rising electricity bills.
Why Loom Solar?

Spreading Happiness Brighter than the Sun!

Loom Solar is one of the top manufactures of the solar panel devices with the most latest technology that is available in India. We also provide quick and easy solutions to the problems of the consumers. We also have deep distribution links with quick services providers throughout the country..

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Powered with Solar across India with no electricity.

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3,500+ Shops in 500 cities across India including rural areas.

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    Young vloggers having fun on streaming platform with phone web cam
    Millennial content creators record podcast outdoors with microphone and laptop.
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